How to Create a Great Montage From Travel Video Footage with Movavi Video Editor


One of the more common rituals nowadays right after a trip is to go over the video footage that was recorded on your digital camera or smartphone and decide what you want to delete, keep, or upload onto social media. Rather than just doing that however, what if you could take the footage that you captured on your travels and create an attractive montage that really captures its spirit and emotions?

Although you may not be quite sure how to get started creating a montage video, it is actually fairly simple with Movavi Video Editor. Not only will you have all the features that you need but you will also find that they are easy to put to use.

To get started and create your montage, you should load the travel videos that you want to include into Movavi Video Editor. Once you do you can use its features to:

  • Trim out any unnecessary parts of your travel videos that you don’t want to use in your montage.
  • Merge all the video footage together and arrange its sequence.
  • Enhance the quality of your videos to improve how it looks by manually editing the color settings or using the automatic enhancement features to do so in a single click.
  • Fix common issues with video recordings such as blurry, shaky or interlaced video segments.
  • Add background music (or even a voiceover) by including additional audio tracks.
  • Utilize various special effects and filters to give your montage (or parts of it) a unique appearance.
  • Place stylish animated transitions between scenes in the montage to link them together.
  • Insert text to act as subtitles, watermarks or captions and edit its style and appearance.

With these features you should have all the key ingredients you need to come up with a great-looking video montage. Once you’re satisfied with it, you can save it in any format or use the presets in Movavi Video Editor to automatically set up the best video format and settings for a particular device or platform.

In short even if it is your first time trying to create a montage out of travel video footage, you shouldn’t run into any issues with Movavi Video Editor. Of course the best thing to do now would be to try it out for yourself and play around with the features it brings to the table.