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Andaman Tour

It was in 1998, Andaman and Nicobar Islands first got listed on the world tourism map. This isolated area in the Bay of Bengal was known to travelers: even the Indians were not so keen to visit this tiny Indian Ocean archipelago. The American photographer John S Callahan in the first surfing project in the Andamans, reached Port Blair with his crew team and spent a week on Little Andaman Island. He along with his team members selected for surfing there, and for the first time, perhaps, the waves of the Andaman Islands were used by travelers.

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It did not take long for Andaman and Nicobar Islands becoming a hot favorite of adventure-lovers from around the world. From trekking to subordinated and diving to surfing, a full range of adventure enjoyed on Andaman tour. If you happen to be an avid explorer and seek a throbbing holiday experience, take flights to Andaman and IX your fancy to the core. Below are some very lovely excursions on Andaman Island.

andaman nicobar islands

Snorkeling on Havelock Island

Perhaps the most captivating experience you can have on the Andaman Snorkeling on Havelock Island. Sailing like a fish, you get to see an exciting underwater world of the Andaman Sea. Looks stunning coral reefs and various incredible creatures in the wild will be an experience of a lifetime. There are several sports at Havelock to enjoy this sport. You can Elephant Beach, Inglis Island or South Button, which are easily accessible, and are good spots for snorkelling. Diving is another exciting experience that leaves visitors stunned.

Island Lodge

The exquisite natural places in Andaman and Nicobar Islands offers flawless possibility Island camping. Enjoy the serene beauty of nature in the cool refreshing environments, island camping is really a thing to do when you are on this archipelago. Some places here are very popular for this exciting excursion. All necessary facilities are provided by travel agents on the island, or you can choose to stay in the existing camps established at some popular beach destinations. Radanagar beach and Neil Island are among the most popular campsites. To add more fun to your expedition, plan some group activities such as short trekking or birding the island camping at Andaman.

Enjoy Adventures of Andaman Water Sports Complex

Located in the northwest of Port Blair, this sports complex has become a major tourist attraction in Andaman tour. It provides the fun-loving tourists an opportunity to indulge in various captivating adventures in the water. Necessary equipment and guidance given to the inexperienced explorer for safe, comfortable and pleasant experiences. You can see here a number of boats, game fishing, water scooters, rowboats and facilities other aqua sports available in abundance. You can choose to enjoy an activity that suits your interest. Inside the complex is an artificial waterfall, which is a major tourist attraction.

Wildlife Safari

With diverse topography and tropical climate year round, Andaman houses an exotic variety of flora and fauna. In the long term ecology, what you see here will be your experience of life. Andaman forests, ranging from moist deciduous wet evergreen type, boasts some of the highly endangered species of plants, flowers, animals, birds and reptiles. They are largely untouched and let the guests to feast their eyes on some amazing variety of flora and fauna.

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