5 fun and interesting things to do in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands!

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In the middle of the Bay of Bengal, far away from the country’s main body, the Andaman and Nicobar islets, a lizard near Myanmar and Thailand’s mainland. The Andaman and Nicobar islands are technically part of India, but have a culture that is so distinctive that it will leave you in awe. Beaches, palm trees, sea food, water sports – these islands are a traveler’s paradise. There is much to see and do here to make a trip worth remembering. So,
Let’s take a look at the things to do in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Beautiful Andaman


You have heard of the mysterious magic action to go on the water; Well walking is just underwater, and the experience is as magical and thoughtful. There are various organizers who take the guests on the innovative and relatively newer ocean walks on the beautiful North Bay Island. You will be led to the seabed at a depth of approx. 6-7 m, and you can take a walk while witnessing the underwater kingdom in its full glory in the form of creatures and plants of different shapes and sizes. The wild beings assume different things when they are brought up in the sunlight, and their rare shades only show the original greatness of the blue water. There is an echo silence around with nothing but the sound of bubbles. Do not forget to carry an extra set of dry clothes to wear afterwards.

2. A Historical Exploration Of Cellular Jail

During the British Raaj, Cellular Prison in Port Blair was used for imprisonment and punishment for the freedom fighters. It assumed the name because it was particularly structured with individual cells for the loneliness lonely confinement. A clear witness to all the cruelties facing those caught here is imprisoned now a monument that will interest you if you have a love for history and respect for the warriors. The prison museum takes you down the cemetery, filled with stories about India’s struggle for freedom. Apart from that, there is also something else that makes a visit to Cellular Prison one of the best things to do in Andaman and Nicobar Islands: a sound and light show that tells the story of the country’s struggle for freedom is brought alive with the help of light And sound effects for a memorable experience.

3. Island of Parrots

This is for bird lovers or for you to be transformed if you are not already one. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands have an island known as the Parrot Island. It is a small island near the Baratang Jetty, in the South Andaman district, and remains largely uninhabited except in the evenings every day when thousands of parrots will flow to this island. These birds rest here, and they hold a part of the unique group of mangrove trees perfectly cropped and shaped, especially inSome parts of the dense island. These birds know when the sun sets and they come in from all directions to the parrot island. Why they do it is quite a mystery and the locals are unaware of who and what happens in this mysterious event. The birds will go again in the morning. Seeing these parakeets coming home is one of the best things to do in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


Really? Howrah Bridge in Andaman and Nicobar Islands! Well, before you starve on the screen with an expression of soaked by our bad geography, you’ll need to know more about the Hurricane Bridge. In Neil, one of the most scenic and unspoiled places to visit, there is a natural stone formation. It looks very like a stone bridge and is locally called Howrah Bridge! Under the low tide in particular the view of the cliff  Daniels is something that you should not miss as the water retreats and offers stunning views of the rocks spread across the bridge. You can take a stroll on the rocky beach on the way to the bridge and enjoy the cool ocean breeze with the beautiful stretch of beach on one side and the lush green forests on the other.

5. Trekking in the islands

When you think of a trip to an island, all you would expect to spend leisurely hours on beautiful beaches with cool blue gardens. But there are many other interesting things to do in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands than just relaxing. The last thing people generally expect on an island is a trekking experience, but you will be surprised that there is a fun hiking trail in Andaman. Mt. Harriet, the third highest point in Andaman, is located in Mt. Harriet National Park. You can Begin a trekking trip along Mt. Harriet to Madhuban route. It is a stretch of rugged terrain, covered with forest areas, which houses a wide range of endemic flora and fauna. Sights and scenes with trekking here are something you will fall in love with!

There are lots of other fun and interesting things to do in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Perhaps the most common among them Go to various water-based activities like sailing, kayaking and canoeing, snorkeling, Game Fishing in Andman, etc. in different parts of the islands, such as the Andaman Water Sports Complex in Port Blair, Havelock Island, Cinque Island, etc. That marvel At the world’s wonders underwater without any real To dive in, visit the Samusrika Marine Museum. The Anthropological Museum, on the other hand, will provide an insight into the rich tribal history. There are a large number of beaches that are worth visiting, such as Sitapur Beach, Wandoor Beach, Laxmanpur Beach, Bharatpur Beach, Kaala Pathar Beach, Elephanta Beach, Radhanagar Beach, etc. And what is a trip to an archipelago without any eagerdown? Whether it’s the popular islands like Great Nicobar Island, Havelock Island, Neil Island, etc. Or, unspoiled as Guitar Island, Stewart Island, Jolly Buoy Island, visit them. And do not forget to choose collectibles and mementos from Sagarika Government Emporium, Aberdeen Bazaar, etc. Before you return home.

Game Fishing in Andamans

Game Fishing in the Andamans

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Game Fishing or sport fishing is a form Recreational Fishing leisure and adventure.the anglers love to hunt fish for the sheer thrill of the sport and love for the fish. it also means catch and release practices designed to build awareness and discussion of species. Game fishing allows anglers to learn about fishing that is very adventure and sports competition involving different skills, but also to learn about different species and important of their conversation. .Game Fishing in Andamans

Andaman Islands has been relatively untouched until not so very recently. with very limited commercial fishing in those vast seas in all corners and fishing is limited in coral reefs, many unexplored and pristine fishing grounds allowed wide variety of fish to grow big. again get a chance to play with all variety of large and small fish from the reef, creek and the open sea.

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Game Fishing in Andaman

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Are you looking for fishing vacation in Andaman Islands?

Andaman Game Fishing is a premium game fishing operator in Andaman & Nicobar Islands of India.

We have started our activities in Havelock Island about 9 years ago and have many years of hands on experience on fishing in the Andamans. We aim to exceed our customers’ expectations and the level of our high quality and personaized services, both for us and clients are a must!

Andaman Game Fishing operate tailor-made trips for extreme anglers who want to catch a monster Dogtooth tuna, or giant trevally. The Andamans can be considered as one of Asia last borders when it comes to the fishing game. We specialize in jigging, popping and trolling and selecting multiple secret fishing hotspots that are screaming to be explored.

Game Fishing in Andaman is like no other place on earth, the destination is off the grid and has barely been touched by commercial fishing or hit by mass tourism.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands form an archipelago located about 2,000 km from the coast of India, 750 km off Thailand in the Indian Ocean. Because of its isolation has been cut-off and well preserved from commercial fishing, mass tourism and all development from the mainland of India.

The archipelago is geographically located closer to Thailand and Myanmar, than it is to India. Although most of the outlying islands are uninhabited, some are still populated by indigenous tribes, such as the Great Andamanese, Sentinelese, Jarawa, Onge. Shompens and Jangil who still have little to no contact with the outside world.

Because of its unique cultural and natural heritage, Andaman Islands is a protected administrative division of India.

Because of its unique and isolated location, there is no international flights directly on the islands. Therefore, travelers must fly in from abroad to either Chennai or Kolkata, before catching a domestic flight to Port Blair.

Andaman Islands are still a virgin, untouched and is believed to be one of Asia’s finest game fishing destinations, catering for the more adventurous angler who can compromise a bit on comfort, but are looking for a truly unique fishing experience.

Andaman Bluebay make every angler’s dream! Expect the unexpected with us, Andaman Game Fishing in the Andamans & Nicobar Islands of India.


Fun of charming journey with Cruise in Andaman and Nicobar

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Andaman is one of the great islands that helps you to get relaxed after the long haul work. Rather than booking tickets alone, it would be better in the event that you are running with a family of a bundle visits like Andaman visit for 3 nights. This will not only give you more comfort, but spare your cash. There are many visits bundles as 15 days to 20 days, of which the best visit bundle can be Andaman visit in 4 days. In this package, you will have the ability to do a short fantastic trip to Andaman. Ideal from day 1 to day 4, you will appreciate every one of the offices provided separately from the tour you make to Andaman. It will be really a great visit Andaman.

Image result for Cruise in Andaman and Nicobar

The most important day, you will reach Port Blair, and then move to one of the star inns orchestrated by travel organization. You can new up themselves, having nourishment and take rest. After a time, you can move to the nearest Corby Cove Beach, where you can appreciate the solar shower, swimming, and so on and go for a walk around the shoreline, then continue on to the Harbor Cruise in Andaman on Viper Island and play with pontoon riding. You can also stay overnight at this apartment, with all comfort and lavish remain along with fascinating nourishment.

When you have reserved for Andaman Tour Packages for 3 nights, you will basically appreciate every one of the evenings with stunning fledgling perspective outside the inn. You will feel joy in seeing the outside scene. Even inside the quaint little inns are decorative to the point that you will not crave leave.

Currently, it is a trip to cruise in Andaman package for 4 days. The following day, you will basically go to Ross Island by boat and visit the church, swimming pool, Commissioner’s home, and so on. You can then visit to the North Bay in almost the same situation, where you can see coal reefs, energizing ranges of the excellent fish decorations, and see other marine life through the glass base vessel trip. Other than these, you can include in swimming, snorkeling, and stay overnight in gave the Star Inn.

Likewise, you may encounter an incredible visit Andaman, with the package. The third day, you can have your breakfast and go for a tour visit in and around the city, for example, ‘Navel Marine Life, topography, and the pale history of these islands, the scaled down zoo that houses a kind of unusual uncommon types of endemic winged creatures and creatures available on these islands. You can also make a visit to timberland exhibition halls, where you can locate wood beautify; also know the exercises in the forest through the scale demonstrate. You can also visit various historic centers such Anthropological Museum and Museum of Fisheries. In the Anthropological Museum, you can discover the showcases or models of the tribal people and their old rarities. Although you can visit Fishing Museums where you can see and appreciate water or marine life like islands.



Honeymoon in Andaman Nicobar – Relaxation and adventure

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Once known as Black Waters, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are known for their excessive beauty and famous because they are tourists from all walks of ultimate rest and relaxation. The islands are especially great for people who are the adventurous sort.

andaman tour
So, you are a newly married couple or about getting married? Why a beautiful honeymoon not plan on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The islands are very different from other places in India. If you visit there, you will be charmed immediately, especially after watching the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Bengal. The territory consists of 572 tropical islands, of which 36 were not inhabited again. All islands include lush and green forests and beautiful scenery. If you plan a honeymoon trip to these islands, there are six things you need to do there.

1. Snorkelling

If you’re not much of a diver, you should try snorkeling. This activity is ideal for people who do not know how to swim or are afraid to go deep underwater. Andaman islands consist of some of the rarest marine life and coral reefs that you simply can not miss. Your entire honeymoon will be incomplete if you do not this rich adventure. With snorkeling, you can experience the marine life simply on the surface of the water.

Another great thing about snorkeling is that you find a lot of shallow and steep reefs. Some of the famous snorkeling locations on the islands include Red Skin, some sites in Havelock, North Bay (located very close to Port Blair) and Jolly Buoy.

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2. Scuba Diving


Diving is probably the most amazing adventure that may involve a person with. It does not matter if you are new to diving or indulging in the activity for a long time, there is something very challenging and exciting about visiting the world of water and observe life there. In the waters of the Andaman Islands, you will see a rich marine life, colorful fish to sunken ships that will arouse your curiosity to a great extent.
Apart from this, the underwater life of Andaman also contains a very rich coral reef, and the best part is that these underwater formations and coral reefs are not damaged by human activity. The best months will plunge from December to April.

The whole diving experience is also unusual, and others due to the volcanic lava hill formations. If you have such a unique and wonderful diving experience on the islands, you can visit Havelock. Today there are many more dive shops in Port Blair.

3. Barren Island – Active Volcano

The Barren Island is situated about 139 km when traveling by sea from Port Blair. This island is the only active volcano in the whole of India, thus having many meanings. This volcano is known to erupt twice after it was dormant for about 177 years. The first eruption occurred in 1991 and then the second was done in 1994-1995.

Related image
The island is about 3 km when you measure the diameter, and its large volcanic crater located about half a kilometer from the beach. Want to visit the island to see the volcano, you can do so by obtaining special permission from the Forest Development and then to travel using a chartered boat to the island. Foreigners will probably not be allowed to land on the island and will be limited to just board.

4. Creeks


The Baratang creeks located on the Andaman Islands consists of a large network of mangrove creeks. Some of these creeks are home to saltwater crocodiles. Therefore, you should always be careful when visiting them. However, you can not miss them since seeing these creeks is an amazing and unforgettable experience in itself. Some of the creeks that you might be interested in seeing are listed below:

Baratang Creek in Middle Street – the most popular among tourists

Kalighat Creek in North Andaman Island

Parangara Creek in North Andaman Island

Uttara Creek in Middle Andaman

Yeratta Creek in Middle Andaman Island

5. Saddle Peak

Image result for andaman Saddle Peak
Saddle Peak is 732 meters high, making it the highest point of the islands. You can go to the peak, trek saddle on this amazing subtropical and lush forest of Kalipur, and then return it within 6 hours. The views that you see of this peak is just great, and you will realize the true beauty of nature at that point. However, you need a permit from the Forest Office get together with a local guide if you want to trek here without fear of getting lost. There are also red arrow marks on the trees in case you wish to increase your own. You can simply notice the next arrow as well.



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Visiting Andaman Islands as part of your Andaman Tour Package from Chennai can be an experience of a lifetime for sea lover. The sandy shores give a good look at the marine life. Famous for its beautiful beaches, Andaman Tour Package provides a good experience in diving, snorkeling and fishing. The site has a large number of beaches, limestone caves and hills. The word Kaala – Pani is synonymous to the islands. The fact is that many of the Indian freedom fighters were imprisoned in the cellular jail in Port Blair and torture they suffered, is beyond words. By the way, Port Blair, the capital and home to the Veer Savarkar International Airport -the only airport on the island. Although there are about 572 islands, only 38 of them are inhabited. You can also get to see some of the native tribals. The islands have thick jungles that are home to wild animals. So when you are on a trekking trip remember to start early and return before the sun down.


For starters, there are the beaches, around Havelock Island and Neil Island. Most of the islands have pleasant shores, but Radhanagar beach is the most famous. Ranked no.2 in Asia it is vying to be on the top position soon. Be sure to jot it down in your bucket list for Andaman About planning the next vacation. The blue waters of the sea call us to jump in and have a swim. Make sure there is a lifeguard around when you enter the deep water. We do not want your Andaman Tour to be a tragedy! There is a possibility for diving in the Go Dive India center certified diving school. They provide training in 6-8 ft deep water before they go into the real seawater. The certified official trainers are great for training and keep you relaxed and comfortable throughout diving. You can swim around the fish and have a good look at coral reefs. Do not be surprised if you see a shark or two! So now you have the first point on your route to your Andaman Tour Package from Chennai that you carefully plan.

Next we stop at Ross and Smith islands and Chidiya Tapu on the way. The two islands, as they are called, is actually a single island separated by a sandbar. During high tide, the sand bar disappears under water. You can walk along the sand bar to each side at low tide. Get help from forest officials that the islands are full of thick forest. Do remember to start early so you do not lose your way at dusk. The island is home to many destroyed buildings from the colonial British era that is well preserved. The ruins is a combination of roots, wood and buildings. Chidiya Tapu is an island with thick forests. It has a variety of birds and seen only in the dense forest. Hire a local guide when you are there to take you into this dense forest. You can also watch the sunset from the ocean side, which gives a romantic moment to share. Keep your cameras focused because this will be a precious moment from Andaman Tour you have taken. You will cherish the moment for your life.

Moving on, the next destination is limestone caves Baratang and Jolly Buoy Island. Cavities have been formed from sedimentary deposits of shells, skeletons, coral and other sediments. Lime stone deposits are usually formed under water. But here they are formed on the ground and can be easily approached on foot. But, yes, you have to trek and squeeze a little bit to get into the cave through a narrow opening. The constant development caverns have been formed through compression for millions of years. Watch your step as the floor of the cave can be dangerously slippery. So this is something exclusive for your Andaman Family Tour Packages from Kolkata to be relished every moment. Enjoy the pleasure of a boat trip on the way to Jolly Buoy Island. This boat trip starts from Wandoor jetty, a few kilometers away from Port Blair. You can visit the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and see the crystal clear sea water and coral reefs and fish under the sea. You can go for snorkelling for which swimming is not a prerequisite. For those who donot prefer snorkeling can rent a glass bottom boat and go for a walk. If you have thoroughly enjoyed the trip you can go to extra couple hour trip by paying extra fee. The views are mind boggling, so you can do away with hesitation for the extra charge.


These and many more exciting places await you in your Andaman Nicobar Tour Package, so you will have a memorable vacation. There is always room for more customized tour itinerary so you can choose your own destinations. Get in touch with Andaman tourism department to know more of the island, before you start your journey. Nothing can keep you away from the island, when you decided to start your holiday on the island. For those with a bend of mind against the historical significance of the Andaman can choose a visit to the cellular jail Viper Island. It is sure to change your idea of the whole history of India. These moments at the place where thousands gave their lives to win freedom in India, will make you a patriotic for your lifetime. Do Andaman Nicobar tourism package of yours a once in a lifetime experience, or for those who plan to visit again check out the hot spots now and go for the lesser known ones next time. Enjoy the seafood delicacies native to the island and feel the taste buds tingle.

Andaman Tour

Travel places in Andaman Islands – Andaman and Nicobar Travel Guide

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands comprises some really intense wave of exotic palm- lined beaches that will actually entice any and every nature lover. Besides its pristine scenic beauty, rich historical backdrop of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands also attract vacationers. If you are planning a visit to the islands of Andaman and Nicobar Island and the top places below will make your sightseeing easier. So, read on-

In the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal stretch like a string of jewels. After all, there are 572 large and small islands, of which only 36 are live and available for tourists, they are only part Andaman: That leaves out of the 22 islands that includes Nicobar chain. However, what is left is a tropical paradise of pristine beauty. Islands lead to golden beaches and blue waters of the ocean, and a little INLAND you will see the beginning of the forest. As you go deeper you travel INLAND lush tropical vegetation, which can lead you up into the mountains, flora and fauna are changing as you go along. If it’s variety you are looking for you will not be disappointed.


The two islands have been inhabited since thousands of years. Some believe that the name derives Handuman, Malay name Hanuman: Andaman Islands are home to people of the present Onges Negrito origin, Sentinelese, Jarawas and the Great Andamanese tribes and Nicobar are Mongoloid origin covering the Nicobarese and Shompen tribes. At one time, it was under the Maratha rule and then moved to the UK and Kalapani is the name by which he went, but by the freedom fighters were imprisoned Username: Then, the islands have become home to people from all over India, and you will find that many languages such as Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Hindi and Bengali are talking here of people belonging to the Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Sikh faith.

Places to See

Port Blair

Port blair

Port Blair as an entree item and also has a lot of places you can spend some time here to explore its beaches, the city and its attractions. The town is small and you can walk around to explore the attractions of Aberdeen bazaar or Junglighat: Better still, hire a local auto rickshaw, which is considerably cheaper than private cars. Visit the notorious prison cell Kalapani or take a light and sound show. After that you can head to Ross Island, once the headquarters of the British, a journey of 25 minutes by boat. Next, Corbyn’s Cove Beach with its unique COCONUT GROVE should be on your list, even though it might be a little crowded, so you have an alternative Wandoor, about 25 km and pleasant place for Coral reefs, where you can watch the marine life in a glass bottomed boat. Another unforgettable place Chidya tapu or Bird Island, as well as 25 km from Port Blair, and this is where the lush green forests of the tropics come alive in a loud cacophony of myriads of birds.

Cinque Island

Cinque Island

Cinque Island is part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and has some of the richest biodiversity. The sea and the beaches will be open to their fabulous collection of starfish, sea anemones, crocodiles and turtles, though, far from home, it is exotic trees and plants and animals that attract your attention.

North Passage Island

North Passage Island

This is probably one of the most beautiful islands in the human population and a lovely little beach along the Coral reefs merk Bay. The Star attractions are the dolphins, going snorkeling and swimming underwater. Take along food and water and plan to go back at night because there are no accommodation facilities here .

Havelock Island

Havelock Island

HAVELOCK Island is about 50 km from Port Blair and one of the most charming destinations you will come across. Ringed with beautiful beaches on the shore of the blue seas. There are three beaches here. One is that the Elephant beach on the north west side of the land. The second one is Vijaynagar beach, which is to the east of the island. Third of Radha Nagar Beach. You can laze on the beach, go swimming or Scuba diving and stay the night, as the accommodation available on the island. Radhanagar Beach the best beach in Asia stretches of white sand and the exceptional tranquility.

Long Island

long island

This is a small island with a small population, but the loveliest beaches with someone at Lalaji Bay. You can reach the place by walking through the forest or take a boat. You can relax here or go snorkeling. Long Island is also the Gateway to other small islands such as North Passage Island, North button in the button and middle button on the islands and guitar islands are known for their fabulous underwater marine life.

Andaman Holidays – Best time to visit

The climate ranges from temperate to warm in winter, hot in summer, so that you can visit at any time. Winter could see the place was a bit crowded but the weather is so nice this is probably the best time to visit the islands and enjoy nature like never before, and a reasonable price too. This is a place where time stands still and you are free to simply relax and recharge your batteries. However, if action is what you want, the validity of what you are getting in the way Scuba diving, snorkeling, trekking, kayaking and fishing in different directions: People here are warm and friendly, and there is a quiet, laid back atmosphere, you will find so inviting. If you are considering a trip to the Maldives or Bali or Indonesia, I think, Andaman and Nicobar first. it can be magical and unforgettable.

Getting there

If you are hard pressed for time, you can catch a flight to Port Blair from Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Bhubhaneshwar. However, better and leisurely way to travel by boat from Chennai, Kolkata or Vizakhapatnam: It can take four days, but the cruise itself is an experience you will love. You can travel first class and pay the fare is around Rs. 7000 or go to bed the cheapest costing about Rs. 1700.

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Andaman – The Untouched Beauty

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You have always imagined sitting on the beach, where the only sound that hits the ears of the waves breaking on the shore. Make it a dream to visit the splendid islands HAVELOCK Andamans: As our trip came to an end, things started to get better. Here is a list of islands in the Andaman head during your tour.



HAVELOCK the first name that pops into everyone’s mind when we talk Andamans: If you do not come here, your journey is absolutely useless. Two-hour boat trip to Port Blair will take you to the land of peace and tranquility.

Look out for the following beaches here.

Elephant Beach
Kalapathar Beach
Vijaynagar Beach
Radhanagar Beach

Trust me when I say this. No other Beach better than Radhanagar Beach in India. When you feel like everything would fall flat on your expectations. It has a tremendous ability to let all your cares peace and charge you up in a way you’d never have thought of yourself.

Radhanagar Beach

Just relax and enjoy the sun bath, because the waves hit the shore. Artists like us, this is the place besides being an ideal place for couples.

Neil Island

Neil Island

Neil Ross Island and the island happened to be perfect half-day trips. The sunrise and sunset on the Nile island is priceless. Do not come back without it.

Redskin Island / Jollybuoy Island

RedSkin Island


As part of the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, these two islands enjoy a good amount of tourist attention. There are a total of 15 islands in the park, of which only two are open to tourists. If you are visiting anytime between November and May, Jollybuoy is the place to go. Redskin remain open for the rest of time. The best Coral reefs can be witnessed here. The water sports reasonably priced this island.

Some points to keep in mind when planning a redskin:

Carry food with you. It is quite barren.

You are not allowed to carry bags or plastic bottles. So, avoid them, otherwise the entry is not allowed.

I was not Jollybuoy so do not know if they follow the same rules there too. It will not take more than 30 minutes by ferry from Port Blair to redskin: The best part of this beach is that it is less crowded, so you can spend some candid moments with your loved ones.

Chidiya tapu Beach

Chidiya Tapu


How wonderful would it be to hear the chirping of birds, as you sit and relax at the Beachside: A place loaded with lush vegetation, mangrove plantations and a variety of birds. Watch all the birds that have made their home in this sunny island. Oh, and do not enjoy Kulfi sold at the entrance to your family.

Limestone caves, and a visit to the island of Baratang Barren Island can also be added to your itinerary. If you’re lucky, you can also place the local tribes living on the island. This trip to the Andaman was a completely different experience, and while it may have been over a week since I’ve been back to Gurgaon, the place is hardly etched in my heart and mind. You know why? Since the Andaman not a place, it’s a feeling. Go explore the Andaman Holidays seas.

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Andaman Honeymoon Package For A Lifetime Of Memorable Moments

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The honeymoon is probably the most important time of a newly married couple’s life, one that will set the ball rolling for the rest of their lives. It is the time when they get to know each other intimately without hundreds of eyes of their relatives and friends on them. It should be a time when beautiful memories are created that will be the foundation for a life of happiness and love. Being in love, it is easy to think that all you need is each other, and while that may be true, the fact remains that your honeymoon destination also plays a vital role in how your time with each other will shape out eventually. This is where a well thought out Andaman honeymoon package can make all the difference!

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What makes for the perfect honeymoon destination?

While the answer to this question could differ based on the different personalities and interests of each person, the truth is that there are some things that everyone looks for in a honeymoon destination. These are:

  • A place where they can have absolute privacy to just relax in each other’s arms
  • A place which also has all the conveniences and luxuries of a modern lifestyle
  • A place that is calm, peaceful, safe and secure
  • A place that is filled with natural beauty that helps to relax the senses and fill one with the wonder of life
  • A place that is flexible enough to accommodate different budgets and different time schedules
  • A place that has a mixture of activities, where you can just relax when you want to and at other times, get out and have an adventure or explore more of the place if you so choose
  • A place that has good weather conditions most of the year (you obviously can’t postpone your honeymoon to another part of the year just because the weather isn’t pleasant during the part of the year that you got married!)
  • A place that has a romantic, idyllic atmosphere
  • A place that is photogenic, because when you look back at your honeymoon over the years, you want to see a beautiful place in all the pictures!
  • A place that has the best service and personalized attention so you don’t have to worry about anything else while you enjoy your honeymoon.

What makes Andaman the perfect honeymoon destination?

The Andaman islands are a cluster of islands spread out in the Indian Ocean. With more than 300 islands in the group, with all of them featuring white sandy beaches and blue pristine waters and clear blue skies, you will be spoilt for choice when deciding which island to visit. There are also tropical forests all through the many islands, featuring rainforests, evergreen forests, and mangroves on the coast. This makes for a very idyllic and romantic natural landscape with a lot of privacy when you need it and adventure when you’re ready for it. You can choose your special Andaman honeymoon package depending on what kind of activities you are looking for too.


The weather in the Andaman islands are pleasant throughout the year, so you don’t have to worry about getting rain drenched and unable to go out anywhere if you’re in the mood for sightseeing.

The major islands which are included in any of the Andaman honeymoon package are well connected to the mainland, the airport, and are well equipped with all the modern luxuries, amenities, and conveniences. The political climate in the country is also peaceful, stable, and secure, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a worry-free holiday when in the Andaman islands!


This is also a place where you don’t have to worry about how it will look in photographs, because no matter where you turn and which angle you take a photograph, it will look absolutely stunning and out of this world! This is the perfect place not only to make memories in real time but also to make memories that you can later flip through and relive in your honeymoon pictures album!

No matter which Andaman honeymoon package you choose, you can be sure of getting world-class service and personalized attention that will have you feeling like a prince and princess on their honeymoon! With every little requirement taken care of, all you have to do is relax into each other’s arms. Isn’t that what honeymoons are meant for?

Special features of a Andaman honeymoon package

The Andaman islands offers a wealth of choices for the honeymooning couple. If you are inclined to just bask in the warmth of the sun on a pristine beach, with the waves just lapping at your toes while you relax sipping your cocktails and going for a swim when you feel like it, you can choose any one of the Andaman honeymoon package that features only the best beaches that the islands have to offer. Here is a list of the best beaches in the Andaman islands:

  • Radhanagar Beach, on Havelock Island
  • Laxmanpur Beach, on Neil island
  • Ross and Smith island Beaches
  • Lalaji Bay Beach, Long Island
  • Wandoor Beach, Port Blair
  • Guitar Island
  • Merk Bay Beach, Long Island

These beaches are secluded, clean, with white sandy beaches that are great for a swim or just a leisurely walk.

For those into adventure sports, there is a lot that an Andaman honeymoon package can offer. You can take your pick from banana boat rides, snorkeling, parasailing, scuba diving, undersea walking, speed boating, angling or sport fishing, jet skiing, seaplane rides, and cruising in a glass bottom boat! You can enjoy the vibrant coral reefs that feature some of the richest and diverse species in the Indian region.  This makes for some amazing underwater photography! These activities help to bond a newlywed and in-love couple even more, creating memories that they will never forget!

Honeymooning in the Andaman islands is the perfect way to start your married life with your loved one-idyllic, romantic, and unforgettable!



What’s Magical About A Honeymoon In The Andaman Islands


Travel Andaman to Explore the Exquisite Nature

About Andaman, Andaman Tour, Tour

The Andaman Islands is an amazing travel destination that offers a range of exciting options for travelers to do and explore. It is the most fantastic places to visit in India. Andaman is blessed with magnificent nature’s exquisiteness spread in a sprawling area of 800 KMs from the North to South this incredible island is formed by 572 islands in the Bay of Bengal. It’s extremely beautiful turquoise sea water; sandy white beaches, tropical forests, architecture and rich culture will make and give the travelers a delightful lifetime experience. The Andaman Tourism has a lot to offer to each traveler and is a perfect holiday destination. Some of the activities and popular destinations and that one can explore during their trip to Andaman are-

Andaman Bluebay Holidays

Havelock Island- It is the biggest island in Andaman Archipelago. A picturesque island with the white sand shoreline, blue waters and various adventurous water sports activities for travelers like scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, etc.

Andaman Bluebay Holidays

Neil Island- This Island offers the travelers a serene getaway. It is a paradise for the nature lovers as this place is surrounded by the lush green forests and stunning beaches offering spectacular views.

Andaman Bluebay Holidays

Baratang Island –is an ideal destination for the nature lovers. The island is covered with dense tropical forest one can explore the spectacular limestone caves, mud volcanoes, and tidal swamp forests.

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Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park situated near Wandoor where one can explore thousands variety of captivating corals, fishes, dolphins, and sea turtle. Also one can find many varieties of the birds and mammals here.

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Cellular Jail – The jail was earlier used by the British to keep the freedom fighters and other prisoners. This jail is known as Kala Pani Jail and now this jail is open to visitors and if one reach one time then can enjoy the sound and light show.

Museum Trail – Andaman has some of the fascinating museums that contain the history of the Andaman region. One can visit Andaman like Samudrika Marine Museum, Anthropological Museum, and Forest Museum to explore the history during their stay.

When to visit


Tourists from across the globe visit Andaman Island throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Andaman is between October-May as one can explore and perform the adventurous activities like water sports, trekking etc.

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Where to Stay

There are numerous luxury resorts and hotel located in Andaman out of which one can select the best one to their preference and budget. One can easily book a hotel or resort of their choice through online Andaman Tour traveling websites and get the benefit attractive deals and discounts on their bookings.

Andaman – A perfect holiday destination