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Visiting Andaman Islands as part of your Andaman Tour Package from Chennai can be an experience of a lifetime for sea lover. The sandy shores give a good look at the marine life. Famous for its beautiful beaches, Andaman Tour Package provides a good experience in diving, snorkeling and fishing. The site has a large number of beaches, limestone caves and hills. The word Kaala – Pani is synonymous to the islands. The fact is that many of the Indian freedom fighters were imprisoned in the cellular jail in Port Blair and torture they suffered, is beyond words. By the way, Port Blair, the capital and home to the Veer Savarkar International Airport -the only airport on the island. Although there are about 572 islands, only 38 of them are inhabited. You can also get to see some of the native tribals. The islands have thick jungles that are home to wild animals. So when you are on a trekking trip remember to start early and return before the sun down.


For starters, there are the beaches, around Havelock Island and Neil Island. Most of the islands have pleasant shores, but Radhanagar beach is the most famous. Ranked no.2 in Asia it is vying to be on the top position soon. Be sure to jot it down in your bucket list for Andaman About planning the next vacation. The blue waters of the sea call us to jump in and have a swim. Make sure there is a lifeguard around when you enter the deep water. We do not want your Andaman Tour to be a tragedy! There is a possibility for diving in the Go Dive India center certified diving school. They provide training in 6-8 ft deep water before they go into the real seawater. The certified official trainers are great for training and keep you relaxed and comfortable throughout diving. You can swim around the fish and have a good look at coral reefs. Do not be surprised if you see a shark or two! So now you have the first point on your route to your Andaman Tour Package from Chennai that you carefully plan.

Next we stop at Ross and Smith islands and Chidiya Tapu on the way. The two islands, as they are called, is actually a single island separated by a sandbar. During high tide, the sand bar disappears under water. You can walk along the sand bar to each side at low tide. Get help from forest officials that the islands are full of thick forest. Do remember to start early so you do not lose your way at dusk. The island is home to many destroyed buildings from the colonial British era that is well preserved. The ruins is a combination of roots, wood and buildings. Chidiya Tapu is an island with thick forests. It has a variety of birds and seen only in the dense forest. Hire a local guide when you are there to take you into this dense forest. You can also watch the sunset from the ocean side, which gives a romantic moment to share. Keep your cameras focused because this will be a precious moment from Andaman Tour you have taken. You will cherish the moment for your life.

Moving on, the next destination is limestone caves Baratang and Jolly Buoy Island. Cavities have been formed from sedimentary deposits of shells, skeletons, coral and other sediments. Lime stone deposits are usually formed under water. But here they are formed on the ground and can be easily approached on foot. But, yes, you have to trek and squeeze a little bit to get into the cave through a narrow opening. The constant development caverns have been formed through compression for millions of years. Watch your step as the floor of the cave can be dangerously slippery. So this is something exclusive for your Andaman Family Tour Packages from Kolkata to be relished every moment. Enjoy the pleasure of a boat trip on the way to Jolly Buoy Island. This boat trip starts from Wandoor jetty, a few kilometers away from Port Blair. You can visit the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and see the crystal clear sea water and coral reefs and fish under the sea. You can go for snorkelling for which swimming is not a prerequisite. For those who donot prefer snorkeling can rent a glass bottom boat and go for a walk. If you have thoroughly enjoyed the trip you can go to extra couple hour trip by paying extra fee. The views are mind boggling, so you can do away with hesitation for the extra charge.

These and many more exciting places await you in your Andaman Nicobar Tour Package, so you will have a memorable vacation. There is always room for more customized tour itinerary so you can choose your own destinations. Get in touch with Andaman tourism department to know more of the island, before you start your journey. Nothing can keep you away from the island, when you decided to start your holiday on the island. For those with a bend of mind against the historical significance of the Andaman can choose a visit to the cellular jail Viper Island. It is sure to change your idea of the whole history of India. These moments at the place where thousands gave their lives to win freedom in India, will make you a patriotic for your lifetime. Do Andaman Nicobar tourism package of yours a once in a lifetime experience, or for those who plan to visit again check out the hot spots now and go for the lesser known ones next time. Enjoy the seafood delicacies native to the island and feel the taste buds tingle.

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